#JMFinspired is the latest addition to JustMoiFashion: it is a platform that showcases the very best of fashion and the most stylish outfits. Every week I will pick my favorite outfits and post them on #JMFinspired. Essentially, this is a platform for those who want a multitude of fashion inspiration and also for those who want to be known, be featured and show their style.

JustMoiFashion’s motto is ‘Be Just You, Be Just Moi.’ I founded this website on the premise that everyone has their own unique style and I want to showcase that. Thus far, I have been showcasing my style, however, I want to see your style and how you style the trends that I wear and I explore. I want to see Just You.

How does it work and how can you be featured? 

Every week I will pick my favorite outfits and post them on this page: #JMFinspired. All looks will also be posted on my new Instagram (www.instagram.com/jmfinspired)

Simply tag #JMFinspired on Instagram: www.instagram.com/jmfinspired. Alternatively, you can email me on justmoifashion@outlook.com

I will also hold monthly competitionscash prizes and vouchers to be won – where I will pick a trend or outfit theme to follow. The best outfit obviously wins! I will post the chosen category at the bottom of this page every month.

I hope to see you participating in this new endeavor and hope to promote you and your fashion journey as much as possible!


JMF xx

October Monthly Competition: How do you wear the red coat?