The 6 Trends to take you into AW17 – Part 1

Hello everyone,

It seems rather bizarre that the time has already come to think about the autumn/winter season – I mean, was it not yesterday that we were talking spring/summer? Believe it or not however, the time has come, with the first part of autumn/winter collections already dropping in stores.

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Summer Outfits – What to Wear Summer 2017

Hello Everyone,

Earlier this summer I posted about spring/summer outfits that can be worn in the city. Now, as promised, I am posting about spring/summer outfits that can be worn not only in  the city, but also in more atypical vacation spots: parks, the beach, safaris and more.

Below are some of the outfits that I have been and will be wearing this summer. When I am curating a summer wardrobe, I choose pieces that will translate into a carefree ‘off-duty’ outfit.  When I say carefree, I do not mean callous or improper but simply free and easy. In addition, when I say ‘off-duty’ what I mean is a leisurely style – because, in reality, ‘off-duty’ really does mean off-work, and thus none-related workwear. Think outfits that you actually want to wear. The desired effect is something that looks like it did not take forever to ‘get’ ready, while simultaneously looking clean, thoughtful and refreshing.

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A Guide to Westport, Ireland #JMFtravels

Hello Everyone or shall I say Dia Dhaoibh!

It was only ten days ago that I embarked on a journey to Westport, Ireland. Often, when one thinks of Ireland, the cities Dublin or Galway take precedence, leaving towns like Westport in shadow. However, after a week in Westport – a particularly beautiful Irish town nestled in the corner of an Atlantic Ocean inlet known as Clew Bay – I think it is about time that it emerges into the light.

One of the reasons that I am writing a guide to Westport is because of a revelation that I was struck with days before going abroad. This revelation was that in contrast to larger towns or cities, towns like Westport did not have much information on what to do, where to eat, sleep or shop. I am sure many are aware that typing ‘A Guide to Dublin’ into a search engine will result in a multitude of ‘guides’; however, when doing the same for Westport, the result a mere few. It was precisely this that propelled me to write this guide as beautiful, lesser known towns like Westport deserve it and frankly, this is the guide that I would have appreciated before going to the town.

I hope you enjoy this guide as much as I enjoyed going on this trip. I also hope that this guide drives you to explore this beautiful part of Ireland!

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Summer 2017: Bikini Picks

Hello Everyone!

The time of year has arrived. The time of year that beckons a wave of individuals – from all corners of the globe – to pools, beaches and exotic locations alike. While no individual can deny the contagiously carefree attitude of summer and the almost euphoric state of it, it is fair to say that some aspects of summer can be the opposite.

To state that summer can be ‘the opposite of carefree and euphoric’ seems almost imprecatory: rather obscene, a curse. In reality, however, for a lot of individuals, including me, summer really can be seen through that lens.

Perhaps one of the greatest reasons that summer has the potential to be careworn is because of the bikini. I know this seems rather foolish – perhaps you are thinking that there are much greater things to worry about than a bikini; however, as a woman, there is a tremendous amount of pressure to look good and above looking good, the desire to feel good.

So, in order to feel good and live your summer to its full potential – and may I add, its most ‘carefree’ and ‘euphoric’ state – this article will help you find the bikini to make you look and most importantly, feel good this summer.

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