4 thoughts on “About

  1. Congratulations on your blog! So happy to see that you’ve set it up and look forward to what you will share. I’ve just tried your social links but twitter and facebook don’t seem to be working. Looking forward to connecting online 😉


    • Im so happy you have taken a look at my blog! Its slow, but its building up. My Facebook and Twitter links arent activated yet, as I have not created them yet; however, I hope to have them up soon. Miss you loads and lots of love xxx


  2. My pleasure! It’s a great idea to get them activated because then you can start connecting with people through social media and your blog posts will start getting shared 😉 Love you too and miss you plenty much xxx


    • Thanks for the advise Aunty Moo. Im really hoping that my blog can reach far and wide, and I really appreciate your input; especially because your photography is so successful. Give Yara a kiss for me. Love you lots



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