How to wear Neon

Neon neon neon.

Neon has been seen everywhere in the past few weeks… worn on celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, dominating the runways at New York Fashion Week and subsequently filtering down to bloggers and influencers worldwide. Call it a sixth sense, instinct or intuition but funny enough last fashion week neon was something that I subtly employed into my outfits. In addition to this, in the lead up to neon being dubbed ‘this seasons standout trend’ by Vogue, I had an inclination to add it into my outfits: my nail polish and sunglasses. With this said, it is fair to say that I am fully on board to adopt the neon trend this autumn.

While I am a fan of this trend, neon is extremely hard to wear. I say this because neon can easily look glaring and gaudy. This often happens when one wears too much neon or they wear the wrong type of neon accessories (think the plastic neon accessories you used to wear in ninth grade). In order to simultaneously help you navigate the neon trend and avoid you looking like aforementioned ninth grade girl, below I will give you my recommendations of how to wear neon.
Worn right neon can look tasteful and desirably trendy, so here is it is… how to wear neon this autumn…


With a blazer

Wearing a neon shirt with a blazer is undoubtedly the way to go this season. Think neon green and orange tops paired with a striped or gingham blazer cinched in with a belt. The blazer—in black, brown or grey—tones down the neon, creating a more upmarket, elegant look. The belt cinches in the waist, making the outfit less boxy and giving you more shape. Additionally, the addition of an accessory adds more depth to the outfit. Wear with high waisted shorts, perhaps another trend like cycling shorts, to show off the length of your leg and keep the focus on the neon on the upper half of the body.

When the weather gets colder replace your neon shirt for a neon jumper or sweater. Pair the jumper with skinny jeans and your favourite coat or leather jacket. If you want to turn the winter look up a notch, I would suggest a neon beanie… this will take the look from on-trend to on-trend street style with a twist of high fashion.

As an accessory

Using accessory’s are a clever way to absorb a trend without totally investing in it. For something that may disappear in a few months time, unless you genuinely love an on-trend piece, it may be wiser to invest in something that is classic and timeless. A belt is a great accessory that can help you jump on the neon bandwagon. As mentioned above, use a belt to cinch in your blazer or jacket.

Neon sunglasses are also a great accessory to update a look. I would avoid neon junk jewellery, but keep your eyes open for more elegant jewellery such as embellished neon earrings a la Zara.

Remember that neon can be an overkill, so stick to one or two neon accessories at most.

On your nails

Neon is not the trend for everyone and you should never be forced to adopt a trend that you don’t like. Saying this, if you want to incorporate this trend into your outfits—albeit subtly—then think about your nails. Nail polishes in neon green, yellow and pink are enough to make a statement. Using your nails to portray the trends is one of the best ways to absorb trends into your outfit without totally engulfing yourself into the movement.

Trends are picked out and popularised by journalists and stylists who attend fashion weeks then later dissect the collections for the trends that they would like to promote and demote. I think that you—the individual—should think of trends in the exact same way. Look at the trends and see what you love and would like to promote, and what you hate and would like to demote. There is no point buying into a trend that you do not love.

I hope that this blog post has give you ideas of how to wear neon and how to bring it into your autumn wardrobes. Remember to always be Just You, Just Moi.


JMF xx

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