From Zimmermann to Zara

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I write this blog post by the pool, under the Zambian sun… with a combination of happiness and satisfaction. As many of you know, this year marked my final year of university. For the pasts few months I have been dedicating myself to my studies… a mixture of essays and dissertation, ultimately culminating in six exams. After a fair bit of stress (and a few tears) my new status is a soon-to-be religion and politics graduate from King’s College London. Happiness presents itself once again as now I have the chance to immerse myself in one of my greatest passions: writing.

From Zimmermann to Zara

Designer: prestigious, well-known, luxury. These are just some of the words that come to mind when someones mentions the word designer. An unfortunate circumstance that comes with coveted designers, however, is the escalated price tag, in part, due to the very nature of designer labels being categorised as luxury. So while I, like many, love designer pieces, the reality is that most of them are unaffordable and thus unattainable… which leaves us with the multitude of affordable high-street realtors. This does not mean that one must shun designer labels… in fact, one must embrace them, recognising and appreciating the work and time that goes into creating many designer pieces. However, I believe that one can look designer without having to wear designer… Lucky for me, you and anyone else who is that way inclined, looking designer is not hard in today’s climate. High-street realtors are producing affordable pieces inspired by popular designers. Zara is the new Zimmerman, PrettyLittleThing has a likening to Dolce and Gabanna and similarly New Look too has a likening to Versace. High-street realtors have created collections for those who love designer pieces but cannot afford designer prices.

But… there is a rub… is this not fostering sameness and rendering uniqueness?

No… I believe there is a marked difference between copying and being inspired. Designer dupes are delusions, direct copies which only have one goal and that is to deceive people and fool people (including yourself) into thinking that you are wearing something that you are not. This is merely a copy, a replica of an item, and this in itself fosters sameness and renders uniqueness and individuality. Brands such as PrettyLittleThing and New Look have a goal but it is not to deceive you into thinking that you are wearing something that you are not. These brands are not copying designers but using their prints as inspiration to create new and innovative pieces. A further difference, and the reason why these pieces created by brands such as PrettyLittleThing and New Look are not considered dupes, is because they do not copy singular items… it is an overarching style or pattern that is being implemented and incorporated into new and different pieces. For example, PrettyLittleThing is inspired by the feminine florals and playful prints championed by Dolce and Gabbana… and New Look’s is inspired by the leopard print and baroque patterns coined by Versace… these are not mere copies of singular pieces but patterns and prints that are incorporated into high-street pieces.

One must understand this difference and the distinction between copying and being inspired. This applies to everything in life. High street brands are creating pieces inspired by major designers… This is a beautiful thing… how lovely it is to see everyone wearing their favourite patterns, prints and pieces.

PrettyLittleThing inspired by Dolce and Gabbana: (White floral print wide leg trouser and oversized shirt)

Dolce and Gabbana SS18: (Floral-printed Swimsuit, Floral-printed PantsPrinted Silk Minidress)

New Look inspired by Versace: (White Baroque Swimsuit and Kimono)


Versace SS18: (Scarf-printed Straight-Leg JeansPrinted Silk Dress, Printed Leggings)

Zara inspired by Zimmermann: (Zara Floral Print Blouse and Mini-skirt)


Zimmermann SS18: (Painted Heart Cascade floral-print playsuit, Radiate Frill silk dressIris floral-printed sheer-silk playsuit)


JustMoiFashion was founded with a love and appreciation for uniqueness and individuality in fashion, and therefore it will never encourage replication and imitation. Everything and everyone is inspired by something or someone, however, so remember that recreation via the means of inspiration is okay and should be encouraged.


JMF xx

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