Paris Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2018

Hello Everyone!

I am going to start this post by saying that I honestly did not think I was going to make it to Paris. As many of you know, London has witnessed snow that has not been seen in decades… and by my luck, the day that I decided to leave to Paris was the day that more than half the flights in the country were cancelled! I was stuck in a dilemma because as a Zambian (who never sees snow) I was extremely excited. In fact, all I wanted to do was dance in the snow, pick it up from the ground, throw it around and even eat it… on the other hand, the snow was possibly going to jeopardise my first trip to Paris Fashion Week, something that I have wanted to attend for a long time. By some miracle my flight was not cancelled, and so, I sit here writing this post…

Since I can remember, it has always been my dream to go to Paris Fashion Week.  Paris Fashion Week is what I would consider the holy grail of fashion weeks globally. While I love London Fashion Week and I am yet to visit New York and Milan fashion week, I do not think any fashion week will ever beat Paris. I say this because some of the best designers are French or alternatively, showcase at Paris Fashion Week: Chanel, Givenchy, Balenciaga, Balmain and even Valentino (at Italian designer) showcase in Paris now! Additionally, I think there is something special about Paris. Something romantic. I do not mean romantic in the traditional sense, but more that there is something fascinatingly beautiful about Paris, almost mysterious, like anything can happen…

You may critique me now for being a romantic… dreamy and quite frankly unrealistic… but I cannot help but feel this way about the city of love and lights.

My outfits for Paris followed suit with London’s theme. By this, I mean that I wanted to incorporate my favourite trends into my outfits. I think that you will notice that I went slightly more adventurous for Paris and to be honest, I feel that the outfits I wore in Paris were more me. I have always been someone that loves eccentric styles and pieces… whether that is an adventurous headpiece or a skirt adorned in sequins… so I hope you enjoy exploring what I consider to be some of my favourite outfits I have ever created.

It took a long time curating these outfits, picking out each piece carefully and almost having a meltdown when I thought my ASOS order was not going to arrive on time (for a heads up, my order did arrive… a mere fifteen minutes before leaving to the airport). Fashion bloggers, buyers, merchandisers etc. spend a lot of time picking out pieces to create their outfits. Obviously, this is not the case with my daily fashion posts, but for events like fashion week, every detail is examined… from contrasting patterns, colours, finding a dress that goes just below the hem of the coat (to show the dresses detailing) and even matching that yellow dress with yellow eye makeup (and let me tell you, it happens to be very hard to find yellow eye makeup) …

I hope you enjoy my outfits and the style of the outfits appeal to you. Please note, the final two outfits are some ‘off-duty’ outfits from Paris Fashion Week. I am sure these will appeal to those who want options for everyday wear…

As usual, all the links to the clothes available are listed.

Outfit One

ASOS/Warehouse Blue Vinyl CoatTopshop Floral DressASOS yellow beretMango Yellow Fringe Earrings – Burberry Bespoke Handbag – Balenciaga Boots 

I knew that my first outfit for Paris Fashion Week had to include a vinyl coat as I saw them appear at New York, London and Paris fashion weeks. Vinyl is a huge trend now and for next season, so, it is very hard to get your hands on. After searching all over the internet, however, I was lucky to find this one from ASOS (these are still available and on sale too). Aforementioned, beneath the coat I wanted to wear a patterned dress that went just below the hem of the coat (to show off the pattern slightly) … Ultimately, I chose the floral pattern on the dress because there is floral trend at the moment that is dominating the catwalks as well as the streets. It was specifically the colour (orange/yellows of the florals) that I liked as it complimented the blue coat nicely. I topped it off with a matching yellow beret to bring out the yellow accents in the dress as well as my yellow eye makeup. Processed with VSCO with m6 presetIMG_8875

Outfit Two

ASOS/Kiss the Sky Brand Shear TopMaje Sequinned Skirt – Topshop/Major Wear Hat – Chanel Boots and Bag

This is undoubtedly my favourite outfit from Paris Fashion Week. I love it because I know how long it took to put together and in my view, it came out exactly how I envisioned. I incorporated the major leopard print trend into the outfit, by adding a sheer but tasteful shirt with lace detailing. Additionally, one of the biggest trends for this and next season is sequins. I adore sequins (I am a total girly-girl) and wanted to incorporate them into one of my outfits. I searched for the perfect skirt and found this one from my favourite French brand Maje (originally over two hundred pounds and reduced to below ninety when I bought it). To me, this skirt is the epitome of beauty. I love the way it shines in the light giving it a metallic sheen. I also love the way it contrasts with the different but equally as sparkly boots. I would encourage everyone to mix leopard print and sequins/sparkles in their wardrobe. I think we will be seeing a lot more of it and I think it is a match made in fashion heaven.

The last but important addition to the outfit is the hat. It was the lace that immediately caught my eye. It reminded me of Cruella De Vil initially (who coincidentally wore a lot of animal print) as well as the hats I saw in the Autumn/Winter Dior Collection. Additionally, I thought it added a vintage look to the outfit.



Snapseed 3

Outfit Three 

Topshop/Club L London Blazer and Trousers (Pink) – Topshop Yellow Boots – Sojos Eyewear Sunglasses – Louis Vuitton Handbag

In my last blog post on London Fashion Week I talked a lot about the trend, “power suits.” A few days before leaving to Paris I read that the suit was still going strong at Milan Fashion Week and therefore, I decided to extend the trend to Paris Fashion Week. At the same time, however, in light of the influx of suits, I wanted to wear one with something different. So, when I came across this caped suit I knew it was perfect as it was something out of the ordinary.

I paired the suit with bright boots and a bright handbag to add some colour to the outfit… I must say I felt very confident in this suit… exactly what a “power suit” should make you feel.



Outfit Four

River Island SweaterTopshop JeansTopshop Heels

French slogan jumpers and tees are a huge trend at the moment  which was extremely convenient seeing as though I was going to Paris. The trend is so big that I challenge you to walk into any store and not find one. My favourite slogan jumper was this one from River Island, but honestly, River Island had so many beautiful French slogan jumpers that it was hard to choose! I paired this casual look with a black baker boy hat (the hat of the season and a must-have in everyones wardrobe) that transformed by outfit from a simple jumper and jeans, to what appears to be a very stylish outfit. Additionally, I wore these swanky yellow boots. I love the unique colour of the boots and the wide heel design looks beautiful but also makes them extremely comfortable.


Snapseed 5

Outfit Five

H and M Top – Topshop Jeans – Chanel Boots

Again, another french slogan but a tee. A casual slogan tee paired with ripped jeans and your favourite pair of boots always looks good. If there is ever a time I do not know what wear, I will wear this… pair it with your favourite blazer and you have yourself a stylish but effortless look.



Aforementioned, these are some of my favourite outfits, so I hope you loved them as much as I do… Fashion Week in Paris was stressful, albeit, one of the most wonderful times in my life. Going to Paris reminded me that your dreams may be big but indeed, those dreams are possible. The only way you will achieve those dreams, however, is by doing what you love and by being Just You, Just Moi.


JMF xx


  1. September 10, 2018 / 8:58 pm

    Hi, Outfit three was my favorite. Love, Love the boots.

    • cbfpg
      September 10, 2018 / 9:05 pm

      Thank you! The boots are from Topshop ❤️

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