London Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2018

Hello Everyone!

I hope you are all well. If you are in the same position as me at the moment – a final year university student – then I hope that your final year of university is going well and moreover, that you are handling the stress!

This month has been extremely busy to say the least. If my dissertation and three essays were not enough to worry about, I had both London and Paris Fashion Week to plan and attend. Initially, I was going to miss London Fashion Week, simply because the stress of final year was becoming too much; however, after much internal debate, I realised how valuable fashion week is, for meeting new people, making new friends and developing my career… so, I pushed on, finished my assignments and landed back at London Fashion Week.

This Fashion Week, I decided that I wanted to make a real effort to incorporate trends into my outfits. While I always stress that trends are not required to make an outfit up-to-date and beautiful, it is always interesting to see how one piece can transform an outfit and make it  ‘trendy.’

I hope you like all the outfits I chose to wear at London Fashion Week, but most importantly I hope the outfits give you inspiration to create pieces that you love and feel beautiful in the coming season.

Please note that most clothing items are linked!

Outfit One

Vintage Lace Cardigan – Illustrated People Green Crop Top – Miss Selfridge Trousers – Vintage Jewellery Case/Bag

One thing that you will notice about my first outfit is that a lot of the outfit is either “old” or vintage.  I wanted to start fashion week by showing all of you that it is possible to use old, used pieces and make them look beautiful. There is always so much pressure to buy the newest clothes – and as a fashion blogger to some extent I have to – however, it is important to recognise that beautiful outfits are not limited to new clothes.

An important feature of this outfit is my bag, or shall I say, jewellery case. I found, what is actually a jewellery case, in a small charity shop in Reading. I thought it was beautiful and I was determined to wear it as a bag… perhaps it was the best five pounds I ever spent…

Outfit Two

Mango Yellow CoatMango Vinyl TrousersMango Yellow Fringe Earrings – Louis Vuitton Handbag – Yves Saint Laurent Heels

The second outfit is probably my favourite. The outfit is almost entirely from Mango, including the gorgeous stand out earrings which continue to appear as a trend for the coming season. I chose to incorporate a further three trends into this look: the first is tailoring, which is incredibly easy for anyone to do. Tailoring includes a tailored blazer coat like this one, which is a key piece in anyones wardrobe as it is enough to transform an outfit entirely. Imagine this outfit without this tailored coat…  it would look very different and quite frankly, would be nothing special. The other trends that I incorporated into this piece is vinyl and yellow. Vinyl is appearing everywhere at the moment, on coats, dresses and evidently, trousers too. I have to say that these trousers are one of my favourite pieces this season. They are incredibly unique and different, which is something I always look for in clothing. Yellow is often a colour that people tend to stay from, many saying that it washes them out, however, I would encourage everyone to try the trend as there are a variety of yellows (darker yellows to more orangey yellows etc.) that are capable of suiting everyone!

Outfit Three

Miss Selfridge Red BlazerMiss Selfridge Red TrousersMiss Selfridge Pineapple Crop BraDune London Shoes – Dune London Handbag

For my last day of London Fashion Week I decided to go for what is known as ‘the power suit,’ what has become the biggest trend at Fashion Month. You will notice that this outfit incorporates the tailoring/suit trend as well as the sports luxe trend, which incorporates sporty pieces into high end outfits. While I had a variety of options in colour for the suit, as Miss Selfridge are producing a number of beautiful suits, I opted for red as it is the colour of fire, passion and power. Additionally, I opted for coordinating bag/shoes as I believe this pulls the outfit together.

In my interpretation, the power suit is supposed to make you feel ‘powerful’ and confident as a woman. For so long, the suit has been designed for men in fancy jobs and situated in high-earning positions; therefore, I believe that it is designed to make women feel that they too can be in those jobs and positions. In addition, I think that the reason this trend has taken off so much is because of the ‘me too’ movement… showing that women are strong enough and capable enough to not only do what men can do, but also to rise above oppression and abuse. As I said, this is just my interpretation, however, I must say that wearing a suit does make you feel stronger somehow. I think this goes to show that fashion can help individuals in many ways. Not only can fashion send messages and powerful statements, but additionally, it can make someone feel confident and beautiful in themselves… If you are not a fan of fashion, this is at least one reason to stand with it.

Aforementioned, I hope that you will find some inspiration in these outfits. I think the most powerful thing to take away from this blog post, however, is what I mentioned in my description of outfit three. While some people, like myself, have a genuine passion for fashion, the most important think about fashion is about the way it makes you feel and the statement you wish to make.

Be Just You, Be Just Moi


JMF xx


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