The Festive Party Dresses You Need!

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I asked my followers on Instagram if they wanted a blog post on festive party dressing. I was surprised to see that more than ninety percent of my followers answered yes. Evidently, there is a major desire to know what to wear this festive season, most particularly in relation to party dressing. And thus, I am here to answer your desires by bringing you a blog post on my guide to party dressing and introducing my favourite festive party dresses.

The festive season is an interesting time of year because while half of the time is spent in Christmas jumpers and pyjamas, the other half is spent in shimmering and sparkly dresses. The first major event that requires a festive party dress is Christmas. Interestingly, I know a large majority of people that stay in their pyjamas for the entirety of Christmas day, however, I am part of the other group. Essentially, this is the other large majority that swaps their pyjamas for party dresses. My thinking is that I wear pyjamas nearly every weekend while Christmas occurs only once a year; so, even if Christmas is spent at home, why not dress up?

If you are not a fan of dressing up on Christmas Day, however, then there is still a reason to buy a party dress. The excuse is New Year’s Eve. It is the other major event that occurs during the festive season. This is the one day of the year where its fair to say that nearly everyone dresses up. In fact, if you do not dress up for New Year’s Eve, then is there an occasion that you ever will? New Year’s Eve is most famous for the stereotypical party dress embellished with jewels, sequins and sparkles, popping up in every store and every website comes the second half of December.

I hope this post helps you find the perfect festive party dress. Nevertheless, if this post does not lead to your perfect party dress, then I still hope it helps you find inspiration in festive party dressing or at least helps you refresh last years festive dresses.

Before I showcase my five favourite party dresses, I feel it is very important to give you a quick guide to festive party dressing. Essentially, this guide is what you should incorporate into your outfit.

  • A clutch in place of a handbag. I would suggest a clutch in place of a handbag because not only is it the perfect accompaniment for a dress, but they are always very handy for carrying essentials (i.e. phone, lipstick, toiletries) without carrying a massive handbag. There is nothing worse than going out and feeling the burden of a huge and heavy bag!


  • Accessorise but do not over-accessorise. Most party dresses include heavy detailing or an enormous amount of glitter… In light of this, a lot of accessorising is not required. I would suggest a simple silver chain necklace if the dress is strapless or a matching bracelet for a heavily accessorised dress. Less is more when it comes to festive party dressing, do not let your accessories overshadow the dress, otherwise, you may end up rivalling the Christmas tree.


  • Heels or an appropriate alternative. I would suggest wearing heels with your party dress. Aforementioned, festive party dresses tend to be a statement of their own, therefore, I would not wear heels with too much detailing. Instead, I would opt for a pair of plain-coloured heels (black or nude tend to match most dresses) or alternatively match the colour of your dress with a pair of solid-coloured sparkly heels. If you are not inclined to wear heels, then I would suggest a pair of dressy boots… perhaps a pair of glittery boots that match your dress. Strap sandals in gold or silver also tend to match beautifully with most dresses.


  • A black coat. You can never go wrong with a classic black coat. If you are spending Christmas in a colder climate and require a coat, then I would suggest a black one because it matches every outfit and when the coat is taken off, one can relish in the beauty of the dress that is underneath! If you are inclined to something other than a black coat, then I would suggest a gold or silver coat like the one that is pictured below.


The Five Festive Dresses

1. Topshop – Star Glitter Slip Dress


Screen Shot 2017-12-21 at 00.41.49

2. Topshop – Cowl Neck Glitter Slip Dress 

Screen Shot 2017-12-21 at 00.35.25


3. Miss Selfridge – Blue Glitter Sequin Dress

Screen Shot 2017-12-21 at 01.47.56

4. Quiz Clothing – Multicoloured Sequin Bodycon Dress

Screen Shot 2017-12-21 at 01.08.33

5. Quiz Clothing – Gabby’s Gold Sequin And Tassel Details Dress

Screen Shot 2017-12-21 at 01.30.04

6. French Connection – Helen Strappy Sparkle Dress (Also Available in Green and Pink)

Screen Shot 2017-12-21 at 01.16.52

I hope you one of these dresses stand out to you… whether that is one of the classic little black dresses with a sparkly twist or the blue dress that I was inclined to pick because it reminded me of the blue Christmas lights on the Strand in London.

In addition to the dresses I have feautured, I must mention to take a further look at French Connection. While it is on the pricey side, their festive dresses are stunning. In addition, many of their dresses, including the one above are on sale. In addition to further dresses, I would recommend PrettyLittleThing and Missguided.

‘You are Never Fully Dressed Without A Smile’

You can wear any of the dresses above, the most beautiful dress in the world, however, if you are not happy and confident in yourself then you will never feel beautiful. Essentially, being ‘Just You, Just Moi’ is key. Remembering that you, each and every person, is beautiful in their own way, is most paramount. So remember before you put that beautiful dress on, that you really are never fully dressed without a smile.

I hope you all have fun and have a blessed and beautiful festive season.

Love Always,

JMF xx

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