The Five Christmas Jumpers You Need For This Christmas Day!

Hello Everyone or shall I say Happy Christmas Jumper Day!

Every family has special and particular Christmas traditions… some of the more classic traditions are putting up a Christmas tree, baking Christmas cookies and even listening to your favourite Christmas carols. A tradition I started in my family a few years ago, most particularly among my sisters and I, is the Christmas jumper. After moving to England I was surprised to see the multitude of Christmas jumpers that were on offer… some with slogans, some adorned with sparkles and even some with lights. I decided it would be fun to buy a Christmas jumper for each member of my family, and to wear them around the house in the days leading up to Christmas. I resulted in buying Christmas jumpers for each one of my family members and thus the tradition started, buying new and interesting jumpers each year. I think this is a fun and alternative tradition to adopt for Christmas. I understand that Christmas jumpers are by no means a ‘pioneering’ tradition but buying a new, interesting jumper each year is exciting and something to look forward to as it creates a new dynamic to the family and home.

While there are numerous Christmas jumpers on sale, as a fashion blogger, it can be rather hard to find jumpers that are fashionable. I think this is why people are hesitant to buy Christmas jumpers, because while they often tick off cheesy and embarrassing, they hardly ever tick off fashionable. I am pleased to announce, however, that fashionable and tasteful Christmas jumpers do exist, so hopefully, if you are a fashionably inclined individual like me, this post will make your life a lot easier.

Below you will find my favourite Christmas jumper, which I wore in one of my most recent shoots. You will also find a number of other jumpers that I love and would alternatively purchase.

I hope you enjoy this post and most importantly, enjoy and embrace the traditions of Christmas.

  1. Heart and Soul – Sequin Novelty Christmas Jumper (Merry Christ-Moose)




2. Heart and Soul – Sequin Novelty Christmas Jumper (Prosecco)

Screen Shot 2017-12-15 at 16.17.05

3. Lipsy – Prosecco Christmas Sweatshirt Jumper

Screen Shot 2017-12-15 at 16.34.31

4. H&M – Knitted Jumper

Screen Shot 2017-12-15 at 17.03.11

5. Dorothy Perkins – Only White Fluffy Snowflake Knitted Jumper

Screen Shot 2017-12-15 at 18.35.08

I hope you all love my picks of Christmas jumpers. I love every single of of these jumpers and part of the reason I chose them is because they are different and unique. So whether your style is a more fun and lighthearted (like the first two picks), or perhaps more plain and sophisticated style (like the last pick), I hope you find your perfect Christmas jumper and create your own Christmas traditions! 

Lots of love,


JMF xx

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