The Five Christmas Jumpers You Need For This Christmas Day!

Hello Everyone or shall I say Happy Christmas Jumper Day!

Every family has special and particular Christmas traditions… some of the more classic traditions are putting up the Christmas tree, baking Christmas cookies and even listening to your favourite Christmas carols. A tradition I started in my family a few years ago, most particularly among my sisters and I, is the Christmas jumper. After moving to England I was surprised to see the multitude of Christmas jumpers that were on offer… some with slogans, some adorned with sparkles and even some with lights. I decided it would be a fun to buy a Christmas jumper for each member of my family, and to wear them around the house in the days leading up to Christmas. I resulted in buying Christmas jumpers for each one of my family members and thus the tradition started, buying new and interesting jumpers each year. I think this is a fun and alternative tradition to adopt for Christmas. I understand that Christmas jumpers are by no means a ‘pioneering’ tradition but buying a new, interesting jumper each year is exciting and something to look forward to as it creates a new dynamic to the family and home.

While there are numerous Christmas jumpers on sale, as a fashion blogger, it can be rather hard to find jumpers that are fashionable. I think this is why a hesitation to Christmas jumpers exist, because while they often tick off cheesy and embarrassing, they hardly ever tick off fashionable. I am pleased to announce, however, that fashionable and tasteful Christmas jumpers do exist, so hopefully, if you are a fashionably inclined individual like me, this post will make your life a lot easier.

Below you will find my favourite Christmas jumper, which I wore in one of my most recent shoots. You will also find a number of other jumpers that I love and would alternatively purchase.

I hope you enjoy this post and most importantly, enjoy and embrace the traditions of Christmas.

  1. Heart and Soul – Sequin Novelty Christmas Jumper (Merry Christ-Moose)




2. Heart and Soul – Sequin Novelty Christmas Jumper (Prosecco)

Screen Shot 2017-12-15 at 16.17.05

3. Lipsy – Prosecco Christmas Sweatshirt Jumper

Screen Shot 2017-12-15 at 16.34.31

4. H&M – Knitted Jumper

Screen Shot 2017-12-15 at 17.03.11

5. Dorothy Perkins – Only White Fluffy Snowflake Knitted Jumper

Screen Shot 2017-12-15 at 18.35.08

I hope you all love my picks of Christmas jumpers. I love every single of of these jumpers and part of the reason I chose each one is because I feel that they all have an individual style and uniqueness to them. So whether that is a more fun and lighthearted style like the first two picks, or perhaps a more plain and sophisticated style like the last pick, I hope you find your perfect Christmas jumper! 

Lots of love,


JMF xx

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