The 6 Trends to take you into AW17 – Part 1

It seems rather bizarre that the time has already come to think about the autumn/winter season… was it not yesterday that we were thinking about our spring/summer wardrobes? Whether we want to accept it or not, however, the first part of autumn/winter collections are already dropping in stores; so, here is your guide to help you navigate the new season and decide which trends are worth investing in.

While I have always stressed that a new season and new trends is no need invest in a new wardrobe, that does not mean that trends should be ignored. The key is to invest in a few key pieces that encompass the new season and pair these with core basics.

Below I display six of the hottest trends from the first part of Zara’s autumn/winter collection. I decided to use all Zara products and pieces for two reasons. Firstly, I am a huge fan of Zara and their collections are always very fashion forward. Secondly, I thought it would be helpful for readers who are tight-on-time so they only require one shop visit. Finally, it was important to note that all these pieces were chosen in-store with little knowledge of next seasons trends. I simply picked the pieces that I genuinely loved and later researched which trends they would fall under.

 Notice that some of the trends from the previous spring/summer season have carried through to this season. This blog post then will show you how to take those outfits from the scalding summer and transform them into outfits that are appropriate for the darker and colder months.

1. Think Pink 

We simply cannot have enough pink! This is the trend for the girly-girls like me. Saying this, the trend can be worn without looking like Elle from Legally Blonde.

The not-so-girly-girls can also take advantage of this trend. I would suggest the Zara jeans pictured (a beautiful shade of pink, amazing quality, good stretch and extremely comfortable) and pair with a plain white or black tee.

If you are like me, the girly-girl, then go for the pictured look. It is important to note that though this is an atypical girly-girl look, it is does not mean individuals not inclined to the atypical look cannot wear this. The pink is broken up by pairing the pink jeans with a white top with pink detailing (I would recommended a plain top with pink detailing over a pink top as that could be an overkill) and black slides. Breaking up a pink outfit with black and white accents creates a more desirable and tasteful outfit that can suit a variety of styles.

(T-shirt: not online yet but find in-store, for alternative CLICK HERE, Jeans: The Skinny with Destroyed Hem, Bag: Mini City Bag with Suede, Shoes: Slides with Faux Pearls)


2. Hot Fuzz

Fuzz, Fur and Fluff are hot this season. To wear this trend now leave the fuzzy, furry and fluffy coats for later on in the season (when it is colder) and invest in a fuzzy tee. Not only can you wear a tee at any time or point in the season but the fuzzy tee is a unique and adventurous take on the classic or slogan tees.

Wear the fuzzy tee with on-trend pink jeans like me, or alternatively wear the tee with a high-waist skirt, preferably in a timeless fabric like denim.

(T-Shirt: not online yet but find in-store, for alternative CLICK HERE)


3. Can you Handle It?

Can you handle it? Quoting Vogue, ‘novelty bags are a no-no this autumn as handbags take a ladylike turn. Expect to see classic “top handle” styles swinging from the most stylish arms. If you are thinking of buying a bag this season then the bag to go for is a “top handle.” While admittedly these bags do not hold a whole lot, “top handles” are undoubtedly ‘ladlylike’ and a piece that can instantly update you for the coming season.

(Bag: Mini City Bag with Suede, Shoes: Slides with Faux Pearls)


4. The Big Issue 

‘Big’ is the key word here… think big gems, feathers and exaggerated earrings. This trend resonates to my adolescence—the days when I would make a beeline for Claire’s and their gigantic, perhaps gaudy earrings—never did I imagine that years later these earrings would make a comeback or receive trend status. I suggest wearing exaggerated earrings with an off-the-shoulder dress. The two juxtapose each other, drawing attention to the ear, neck and shoulder area. Wearing an off-theshoulder dress also accentuates the length of the earring and the result is a rather elegant affair.

(Dress: Off-the-Shoulder Poplin Dress, Earrings: Bejewelled Earrings with Fringe)


5. Bow Down 

Bow down to the latest trend: Bows! This trend can be worn in various ways: on headbands, hairbands, belts, dresses, coats and on shoes. Velvet bows were pictured on catwalks around the world, including Chanel; so, when I saw these bowed shoes I made a less-than-graceful beeline for them. Velvet is a luxurious fabric thus pairing these shoes with a dress results in an outfit that is striking and regal.

(Shoes: Velvet Ballerinas with Bow)


6. The Dress Code

This is a rather broad trend as dresses can range from short to long, formal to informal… the list goes on. In light of this, rather than giving you a particular dress to invest in, I would recommend investing in a few dresses that you genuinely love and feel good in. If you really cannot find a dress—or perhaps you are not a dress person—then perhaps invest in a little black dress, the most recognised of core basics.

Pictured is a little black dress with a bit of twist. Notice it is off-the-shoulder and has puffed sleeves—a major spring/summer trend that is set to extend into the autumn/winter season—which updates the little black dress and gives it a special dynamic.

(Dress: Off-the-Shoulder Poplin Dress, Shoes: Velvet Ballerinas with Bow, Bag: Gucci)


I hope you feel inspired by these trendy Zara outfits. Ultimately, trends are nothing if there are not styled correctly. Trends are also nothing if you cannot adapt them to your own unique style. There have been many times when I have felt pressured—especially as a fashion blogger—to adopt a certain trend that simply does not fit my personal style or taste. I hope that you learn from me while keeping in mind that there is nothing wrong in trialling new styles and trying new things.


JMF xx

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