Summer Outfits – What to Wear Summer 2017

Hello Everyone,

Earlier this summer I posted about spring/summer outfits that can be worn in the city. Now, as promised, I am posting about spring/summer outfits that can be worn not only in  the city, but also in more atypical vacation spots: parks, the beach, safaris and more.

Below are some of the outfits that I have been and will be wearing this summer. When I am curating a summer wardrobe, I choose pieces that will translate into a carefree ‘off-duty’ outfit.  When I say carefree, I do not mean callous or improper but simply free and easy. In addition, when I say ‘off-duty’ what I mean is a leisurely style – because, in reality, ‘off-duty’ really does mean off-work, and thus none-related workwear. Think outfits that you actually want to wear. The desired effect is something that looks like it did not take forever to ‘get’ ready, while simultaneously looking clean, thoughtful and refreshing.

This year, I decided to incorporate key summer trends such as embroidery and stripes with core basics such as white jeans. This is a testament that you do not have to spend thousands to look ‘on-trend’ or  ‘updated.’ In fact, what one simply has to do is invest in a few ‘trendy’ pieces each season and pair them with core basics. To summarise, my summer outfits this year consisted of pieces such the aforementioned embroidery, stripes, nautical themed pieces, white jeans, metallic or sparkly sandals and ‘flowy’ dresses. Evidently, a good mix of ‘trendy’ pieces and core basics that ultimately express an off-duty and carefree summer style.

I hope that you enjoy this post and it gives you some inspiration on what to wear this summer or on your holidays to come!

  1. The Nautical Themed Outfit (Top: Topshop Jeans: Topshop Sandals: Dune London)

The bodysuit is undoubtedly the stand-out piece in this outfit – stripes are a key summer trend. I suggest pairing it with white jeans creates a nautical themed outfit. (especially relevant to those in water oriented destinations) Alternatively, if a nautical themed outfit is not desired, I suggest wearing blue jeans, black jeans, shorts or even a skirt!

To change up the outfit – something that I often do and seen above – roll up the bottom of the jeans, creating a cuff. Instantly adds a new dynamic.

To complete this outfit, pair with sandals – I suggest a pair of metallic sandals (as pictured above) – this adds a modern and alternative twist to the outfit.

2. The ‘Hot in Here’ Outfit (Top: Topshop, Bottoms: Topshop)

A bralet is one of my summer must-haves. Bralets are easy to wear and – in my opinion – the better alternative to a crop top. I also have to mention that this bralet – with its on-trend embroidery and crochet detailing – is appropriately sexy.

I paired this bralet with white jeans. I did this because white tends to suit a summer tan, jeans are easy-to-wear and honestly, it made me feel like one of the women in Nelly’s ‘hot in here’ music video; hence, the name of the outfit.

3.  The Oh-So-Classy Summer Outfit (Top: Topshop, Bottoms: Tiger of Sweden, Sandals: Dune London)

If you lean towards a more sophisticated, classy outfit, then this one is for you. The top is sophisticated – it has a graceful elegant bardot neckline – but is not over-sophistacted thanks to the embroidered flowers which adds a fun flare. The material of the top: a light and airy cotton, contributes to the desired carefree look, as well as the desired carefree feel.

To complete the look add a pair of slacks or trousers. I suggest going with a brown, camel colour which compliments the yellow and oranges flowers on the top. Brown and camel are also suggested because these are off-duty colours – colours that are not worn at work, like black. In place of the slacks, jeans can also be worn.

4. The Flowing Dress Outfit (Dress: H and M)

A flowing dress is something I would urge everyone to invest in for this summer. The reason? It is simply the easiest, most effortless item of clothing one can own. At the same time, while being effortless, it will always look good. This dress – known as the fluted dress – also will not go to waste as it is set to be a major hit this autumn, perfect for taking you from summer into winter. In addition from taking you from summer to winter, this dress in particular can easily take you from day to night – try adding a pair of heels, jewellery or a silk scarf. This dress comes in black or yellow, is selling for only 12 pounds and does not crease, which is always a bonus.

Creating and having a summer wardrobe does not always mean investing in a whole new wardrobe. A pair of basic white jeans, paired with an on-trend top can lend to a whole new and updated outfit. Similarly, rolling your jeans up lends to a quick tweak of an outfit.

Summer really is about being effortless, no fuss and not spending hours on end to look good – and simply, you really do not have to spend hours! To summarise, it takes a second to put on a floaty dress and in addition, a change is not needed if you want to take it into the night.

Looking like you have put effort in, does not always have to require lots of effort as you can see!

I hope these summer outfits will have you inspired and perhaps you will have them to suit you and your unique summer.


JMF xx

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