Summer 2017: Bikini Picks

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The time of year has arrived. The time of year that beckons a wave of individuals – from all corners of the globe – to pools, beaches and exotic locations alike. While no individual can deny the contagiously carefree attitude of summer and the almost euphoric state of it, it is fair to say that some aspects of summer can be the opposite.

To state that summer can be ‘the opposite of carefree and euphoric’ seems almost imprecatory: rather obscene, a curse. In reality, however, for a lot of individuals, including me, summer really can be seen through that lens.

Perhaps one of the greatest reasons that summer has the potential to be careworn is because of the bikini. I know this seems rather foolish – perhaps you are thinking that there are much greater things to worry about than a bikini; however, as a woman, there is a tremendous amount of pressure to look good and above looking good, the desire to feel good.

So, in order to feel good and live your summer to its full potential – and may I add, its most ‘carefree’ and ‘euphoric’ state – this article will help you find the bikini to make you look and most importantly, feel good this summer.

  1. The Princess

Why These Bikinis?

I labeled this segment and the bikinis below ‘The Princess.’ The first reason is that the bikinis are from a brand called ‘Pretty Pink Princess,’ and thus I thought it was rather fitting. The second is because I feel these bikinis – covered in sparkles – are extremely girly. Therefore, I could picture the stereotypical depiction of a princess wearing them seeing as though sparkles have similar connotations. I chose these bikinis because the sparkles and sequins are especially unique and stand-outish. It is not often you seen a bikini that is almost entirely adorned in sequins. This is a bikini for – as mentioned – the girly-girl or an individual that wants to command attention.

What Body Type?

I think it is untrue to say one type of bikini fits one body type. I am curvaceous and will always be curvaceous – regardless of how much weight I lose. To start, this bikini would suit curvaceous females like me because the bottoms can be tied and adjusted to anywhere on your hips – whether you like to tie your bikini above or below your hips. For heavy chested females this bikini is also very fitting as it has a lot of room for adjustment and support. I have seen a lot of different body types wear these bikinis (to see you can view their Instagram @prettypinkpricess) and so I would encourage all body types to try these styles.

2. The Sporty-Spice

Why This Bikini/Costume?

I call this bikini segment ‘The Sporty-Spice’ not just because the Body Glove label tends to be more ‘sporty’ and for those who are fond of water-sports; but, because it is a costume that is versatile to use. Essentially, this costume is great because it gives you the freedom to do activities like sports without feeling conscious of anything coming undone or falling off. This costume therefore is for those who like to catch a wave or play some beach volleyball. It is also for those who simply prefer a full costume or are perhaps conscious of their abdominal area – but coming from me, be confident in your own skin, if you are confident in yourself, you will radiate!

What Body Type?

Again, never constrain yourself to one type of costume because of your body type but this costume will especially suit the following: if you do not have curves – a ‘banana’ shape – then this is a costume that will accentuate and fake curves. The high-cut of the bikini bottom will accentuate your hips and bottom, making it look as you have a larger bottom half and smaller/tinier upper half if you are banana shaped. This costume will also suit a pear-shape – those that have a smaller chest and larger hips. I say this because it will draw less attention to the chest area as it is cut in a way that conceals your chest. This costume is one of my favourites as it suits a pear shape like me. I am not lucky enough to have a large chest and therefore a bikini top that is not triangular suits me and accentuates my assets such as my hips rather than drawing attention to my chest.

3. The Classic

Why These Bikinis?

This segment is called the classic because when I think of a bikini, I think of bright coloured triangle bikinis. (think Sport’s Illustrated Swim Edition!) These are the types of bikinis that have commanded the shop windows for generations and will undoubtedly continue to do so. I would choose this if you want the epitome of a bikini and are less daring in trying different or more ulterior styles.

These in particular are from Calzedonia and while the bikini trends do change slightly from year to year, the site is filled with bikinis that are similar if not the same as these. This is a testament of it being a truly classic bikini.

What Body Type?

The pink bikini has padded cups, so it would be fitted to a woman that has a larger chest and hence wants support. This bikini would also be good for an individual who simply want to enhance their cleavage and therefore it can be fitted to women of different chest sizes and perhaps smaller chest sizes to henceforth exaggerate the chest. The bottoms of the red and pink bikinis would especially be suited to curvier shaped individuals – like me – who can adjust the straps to the part of the hips they want to conceal or enhance. This is the classic bikini, however, so do keep in mind that a classic bikini has the name because it suits numerous body types.

All in all, I think it can be gathered that to look and feel good in a bikini one must accentuate their assets. (whether that is your large chest or large hips) Obviously, it is largely the bikini that makes you look and feel great otherwise I would not have written this article, but it is important to note that what is on the inside truly matters. You can be the most beautiful woman in the world with the best body and still feel bad about yourself, so ensure you are happy, confident and beautiful on the inside before thinking about the exterior.

No one is perfect and we all have our flaws.

It is also important to note that our biggest critic is always going to be ourselves. A lot of the time what we think is bad is often not bad at all, what we notice others do not. So do not be too hard on yourself! Don’t think about the things that you lack but the things that you have!

JustMoiFashion is not just about me and my fashion, my style – it is also ingrained in the nam: being JUST YOU, uniquely yourself and owning it.

So put on that bikini, the one that makes you feel great, have a carefree and euphoric summer and BE JUST YOU, BE JUST MOI.


JMF xx

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