Spring/Summer Outfits for the City

Hello Everyone!

I am currently in Zambia: my home. It is supposedly winter here but in fact, it is often thirty degrees during the day (perks of living in Africa). Similarly, England, my second home, is also experiencing fabulous weather, so therefore readers in both the northern and southern hemisphere can enjoy these outfits which all deviate from spring/summer collections.

It is important to note that these outfits are from what I call ‘a city series’ – essentially this means that these outfits are most fitting to be worn in towns/cities (restaurants, cafes, shopping, events etc). In addition to the ‘city series’ later this summer I will compile a post with outfits that are fitting to atypical summer vacation spots such as beaches, safaris and more rural destinations.

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Look #1:  Red Jumpsuit QUIZ CLOTHING, Red Coat ZARA, Handbag GUCCI, Sandals JIMMY CHOO

Gorgeous Red Jumpsuit from Quiz Clothing. Extremely affordable and can easily be dressed down for the day or dressed up for the night. To change the entire outfit – or add some warmth! – you can add a coat which completely transforms it.



Look #2: Black Coordinating Top and Bottoms MISS SELFRIDGE

This suit is perfect for almost any event and it is a more contemporary twist on the normal, more mundane suit as the top is off-the-shoulder and the trousers are slit. It is indeed more formal; however, the top or bottoms can be worn separately with other items to create a less formal look.


Look #3: Top and Skirt Chanel Inspired Look ZARA

I bought this outfit when I saw Freddy My Love (fashion blogger) wearing it at her Pandora Party and Event. The first thing I asked her was where her outfit was from, then I proceeded to order it as soon as I got home. It is a tweed outfit with feathers attached to the skirt. In fact that it is tweed, it tends to be very Chanel-esque and looks more expensive than its fair price. Extremely elegant!


These are some of my favourite picks at the moment! All of the outfits are available currently in the aforementioned stores and online – simply follow the links if you are interested!

I love all three outfits and looks especially because each are vastly different and can be worn for various different occasions in the spring/summer and in the city. It goes to show that one person, like me, does not have to isolate themselves to one particular style but try many different ones and love each the same. BE JUST YOU and BE JUST MOI.


JMF xx

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