The 5 Gingham Dresses You Need Right Now!

Hello Everyone,

I hope all my readers in the northern hemisphere are enjoying the blooming roses, the wonderful wisteria and the longer days. I know that I certainly am.

The spring collections are traditionally characterised by floral prints and upcoming summer dresses. This year, however, designers have something new in store for us: Gingham! When most people think about gingham they think about the print that is only seen on pieces of school uniform – (cue the nostalgia). If you think like me, then you also think of gingham as the material that (not-so-haute) cafes use as tablecloths. Neither of these thoughts are particularly flattering.

I urge you not to be put off however! Thanks to the likes of Henry Holland and Molly Goddard, this print is now deemed fashionable.

While the gingham trends in the form of trousers, tops, shoes and bags; I think that the dress is indisputably the one gingham item to invest in this season. I say this because gingham is notoriously hard to match with, so one solid item – coming in a dress means – that you will not have the hassle of finding what to match it with. In addition to this, I think that the dresses that have been produced this season are beautiful and will make a brilliant staple to anyone’s wardrobe.

Below I will highlight my top five gingham dresses. You will also see my favourite (number 1) buy gingham dress this season which is the Topshop blazer dress that I am seen wearing below. Remember all of them are linked so simply click on the title to BUY!

#1 TOPSHOP Gingham Blazer Dress 

My absolute favourite. This is the dress I decided to invest in. The reason being is because of the off-the-shoulder aspect. With gingham having roots in school uniforms/cafe tablecloths, it needs to have an aspect of elegance and that is what the off-the-shoulder does.


#2 TOPSHOP Gingham Mix Match Shirt Dress 

This beautiful dress has two complimentary gingham prints, a larger print and smaller prink. The tie is complimentary as it highlights the waist – VERY complimentary to pear shapes. One of the pieces you could wear to the office and simultaneously wear to dinner afterwards.

#3 The Primark Dress

Also known as one of the most desired dresses this season. Unfortunately it is not available on the Primark website as they do not sell clothes only. It is sold in store; however, is sold out in almost every store. (I dare you savvy hunters to track it down) If you need it now however it is available for twice the price (at 15 pounds normally) on eBay. It is undoubtedly a beautiful piece, hits dual trends with gingham and flared sleeves. Also inspired by the sixties so extremely ladylike.

#4 Maje Tie-Front Gingham Dress 

If you have a bigger budget or are looking to really splurge then I would recommend this Maje dress. One of my favourite designers, always coming out with new and innovative designs. The huge bow is a real statement and the button down add a formal flare to it.

#5 Boden Clothing Riviera Dress 

This is a lot more of a grown-up/mature look. The dress length is longer and the v-neck brings a sophisticated air to it. The flippy skirt also adds an ultra feminine touch.

The internet and shops are filled with countless of these beautiful gingham designs. I hope you all can add some gingham into your wardrobes and take part in this trend. At the end of the day, fashion is about what makes you happy and what you feel confident in.

Be Just You, Be Just Moi.


JMF xx

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