What I Wore: Milan

Hello Everyone!

If you are like me, a tired and rundown university student, I am sure you are looking forward to the upcoming holidays.

A few weeks ago after handing in numerous essays I was simply too tired and rundown to wait for the upcoming holidays; so, I decided to take a weekend trip to Milan. (Note: off-peak trips to European destinations like Milan can be very cheap, highly recommend taking a holiday during a not-so-typical holiday time to bag some great deals)

As mentioned in my last post, I had never been to Milan which seemed crazy for someone like me who loves Italy, food and obviously fashion.

Fashion: Milan has exceeded my expectations fashion-wise tremendously. Not only are there countless of money-friendly, trendy boutiques, vintage shops and fashion houses but everyone that lives there seems to know how to dress. I especially took note of the elderly in Milan – both men and women that exuded style, class and glamour that can only come with age.

Though I was probably upstaged in the fashion department thanks to the ultra-stylish locals, I did however enjoy showcasing some of my favourite trends this season. By far my favourite trend this season is frills – particularly frilled sleeves. This trend is everywhere. I have always loved exuberant and eccentric dressing, however this trend is close to my heart as I own some vintage pieces that are heavily frilled. Therefore, when I saw this trend making a comeback I was beyond excited and made an effort to find the best frills that I possibly could.

I would say that the fashion brand that is simply excelling this season – in relation to the frills trend as well as just generally producing amazing pieces – is Zara. Zara are creating new, innovative pieces which are especially refreshing to see in a market that is dominated my similarity and familiarity. Zara is so good this season that I would issue a warning before entering the store because chances are you will want to buy everything.

Back in relation to Italy: below you will see some of my looks from Milan, I showcased a lot of Zara, the frills trend and the colour red – I can foresee that red and pinks will be key colours this season.

Hopefully my Milan looks will give you some inspiration to create your own unique looks and some ideas on how to style yourself this season!


Look #1: This Zara Coat is probably one of the nicest coats I have ever owned. It looks a lot more expensive than what I bought it for and is timeless in that I will wear it this season and for years to come. I also absoloutley adore this jumper which I got from online boutique Honeyz UK. I feel like I am wearing feathers!

Wearing: Zara Coat with Frilled Cuffs – Honeyz UK Shaggy Jumper – Freddy Jeans – Balenciaga Race Runners – Gucci Handbag

Look #2: I love this Zara shirt. It combines two of the biggest trends this season: frills and embroidery. It is the perfect top to take you from a casual daytime look to a more formal nighttime look. To make formal I would suggest adding a pair of heels!

Wearing: Zara shirt (cannot find exact one but a similar dress on link – also many similar tops on the Zara website) – Freddy Jeans – Balenciaga Race Runners

IMG_5004 2


Look #3: Again another fabulous Zara top. If you love crop tops then this one is for you – it updates the crop top by adding the exaggerated sleeves. One of my favourite tops this season and very flattering on the figure. To add, it also comes in various colours! Pair with a pair of high-waisted jeans from Freddy!

Wearing: Zara Cropped Sweater with Full Sleeves – Freddy Jeans (as highlighted above) – Balenciaga Race Runners

As you can see, my wardrobe for Milan consisted of a lot of Zara as well as a lot of jeans by Freddy. Freddy is my go-to shop for Jeans as they are designed to be especially flattering on the figure. To add, they are also very comfortable.

My wardrobe was also very simple, consisting of different tops but the same key coat, jeans, shoes and handbag. This is for two reasons. The first, when travelling within Europe it is smart to travel light to avoid extra costs. Second,  a shirt is a piece that transforms the whole look. Jeans can stay the same, shoes and bags but the shirt is what makes the look ‘new’ or ‘different’ and thus I decided to invest and focus more heavily on different shirts.

I hope that you have enjoyed this post and my looks in Milan. I hope to see you all tagging me on @justmoifashion so I can see some of your looks domestically and away!

Love Always,

JMF xx


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