London Fashion Week – Autumn/Winter 17

Hello Everyone,

It is fair to say that it has been a long time since I have last posted on the blog – but, after the relaunch of my instagram @justmoifashion and five essay deadlines, I am proud to say that it is officially back in business.

February can only be described as one of the most exciting months of my life. Two years after moving to London and four fashion weeks later, I can officially say that I have attended my first London Fashion Week. Last year I interned at Diane Von Furstenburg for London Fashion Week but working at fashion week and attending fashion week are two completely different entities. I use the word ‘entity’ because though fashion week is a single event, working and attending are completely independent of each other.

In short, while appreciating both opportunities equally, interning gave me insight in what happens behind the scenes, especially in big fashion houses such as Diane Von Furstenburg. It also gave me insight on the people and positions in the industry: the models, the bloggers, the buyers and the merchandisers. Attending fashion week as a guest and blogger on the other hand was otherworldly. I felt like I was in a parallel universe – a time consuming parallel universe. There is never a free moment in the day, travelling from presentation to show all the while posing for street style photographers. Essentially, attending fashion week is like being in a different world because your day is like no other day and running on a completely different time/schedule.

Now, though everyone can technically attend fashion week by standing outside 180 strand, posing for street style photographers (if they ask you to) and maybe attending some free-to-all events… the catch here is that you need to actually get invited to attend the shows or presentations. I did both – I attended such free-to-all events such as the Look Magazine x Smashbox pop-up and also was lucky enough to be invited to some amazing presentations and shows.

BELOW, I will highlight some of the events that I went to accompanied with some photos, so perhaps YOU can also have a taste of London Fashion Week. However, before taking a look at the photos I would like to highlight that if you are unable to receive an invite to fashion week, I would still suggest attending London Fashion Week – and the areas surrounding it – just to meet new people and common personalities.

  1. Look Magazine x Smashbox Cosmetics pop-up (free-to-all event)

A pop-up collaboration between Look Magazine x Smashbox Cosmetics. Smashbox makeup artists apply makeup on you (if you ask), watched a live talk with Zara Larsson and took home this amazing back full of freebies.

2. Edeline Lee Presentation (by invite-only)

Amazing presentation by designer Edeline Lee. Picture models walking around an old industrial warehouse situated on the banks of the River Thames… modelling THE trend of the season: frills and sleeves.

3. Apu Jan Fashion Show (by invite-only)

Great fashion show, beautiful designs – you can just imagine yourself wearing every one of these pieces.

4. The Street Style Photographers (If they ask to take your photo)

If you are a fashion blogger then chances are being asked for a photo is more exciting than winning an Academy Award.

Photography Credits from Left to Right: Luke Pyett (@lukepyett), Xenia Koneva (, Ana M Wiggins (@pressimagelibrary), Jack Oxenbury (@jackoxenburyphotography) Reinson Robertson (@reinsonrobertson)

5. Madia and Matilda Presentation

Presentation by Madia and Matilda. Beautiful, practical AND sustainable fashion. What more can you ask for?

So there it is: a quick sum up of my favourite moments of London Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 17.

A final note for this post is DO NOT GIVE UP. Attend fashion week even if you do not have an invite, talk to designers, try to make contact and who knows? Perhaps you will find an invite in your mail.

Thank you for reading my post and never forget to be JUST YOU, BE JUST MOI.

Love Always,

JMF xx

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