My Mother’s Secret Recipe – Mother’s Day

Hello Everyone,

It is that time of year that we take a moment to appreciate all the amazing things that our mothers do for us. When Mother’s Day is put into context, it seems rather bizarre that mothers are celebrated only once a year – especially since mothers do so much for us and the family.

Mothers are special. They are special because they are one of the few people in the world that genuinely want the best for you and will tell you the truth regardless of how much it hurts. As you get older, you also realise that your mother is your best friend – the one person you can share everything with. They are also special as they are the most selfless, always putting their family first. Ensuring that their children are fed before their themselves.

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What I Wore: Milan

Hello Everyone!

If you are like me, a tired and rundown university student, I am sure you are looking forward to the upcoming holidays.

A few weeks ago after handing in numerous essays I was simply too tired and rundown to wait for the upcoming holidays; so, I decided to take a weekend trip to Milan. (Note: off-peak trips to European destinations like Milan can be very cheap, highly recommend taking a holiday during a not-so-typical holiday time to bag some great deals)

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A Guide to Milan, Italy #JMFtravels

Ciao a Tutti – Hello Everyone!

I hope everyone in England is enjoying a few days of sunshine, I would like to think that I brought the sun back with me from Milan!

So, if you have been following my instagram (@justmoifashion) you would have seen that I recently came back from a weekend to Milan. I have always had an intense love for Italy, having visited Rome and Venice. Some may say that I love Italy because of the culture – because I do – but secretly I think its because the food is simply the best.

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London Fashion Week – Autumn/Winter 17

Hello Everyone,

It is fair to say that it has been a long time since I have last posted on the blog – but, after the relaunch of my instagram @justmoifashion and five essay deadlines, I am proud to say that it is officially back in business.

February can only be described as one of the most exciting months of my life. Two years after moving to London and four fashion weeks later, I can officially say that I have attended my first London Fashion Week. Last year I interned at Diane Von Furstenburg for London Fashion Week but working at fashion week and attending fashion week are two completely different entities. I use the word ‘entity’ because though fashion week is a single event, working and attending are completely independent of each other.

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