How to be Parisian 2.0

How to be Parisian

Parisian |pəˈrɪzɪən|

a native or inhabitant of Paris.

It was only a few years ago that I came across Parisian, the word instantly sounding like a dangerously attractive entity. In the following years, it is only fair to say that I have heard the word, Parisian, being uttered far more than a few times…

You see, this word, Parisian, only came into recognition when the famous or maybe infamous book… How to be Parisian: wherever you are was published.

The book highlights just how to be a Parisian woman concerning fashion, beauty, love and men and most importantly, how to go through life effortlessly. What were my thoughts some may ask? Well, for a race that is regularly described as effortless… there is a lot of effort that goes into being effortless and subsequently Parisian.

So, on my first visit to Paris this summer, I decided that it was only right to study the Parisian in relation to what I know best: fashion and beauty. It would be ridiculous if I studied love and men; because, quite frankly, I am no expert in those departments.

So, I introduce my view, my account and my guide on how to be Parisian: this account is plainly in accordance to my view which is a blatant foreigner and is titled How to be Parisian 2.0.

How to be Parisian 2.0

1. The Leather Jacket: the leather jacket is inarguably a fashion staple. It does not matter where you are from or what exactly you do, if you are a considerably fashionable individual, chances are you will own a leather jacket. However, though one may own a leather jacket, does not mean they necessarily know how to wear a leather jacket; and, if I may say so myself, no one can wear a leather jacket like a Parisian. How do you wear a leather jacket like a Parisian? Well, 1. pair it with espadrilles, 2. light or dark wash jeans (no tears or patterns) and 3. a plain black or white basic tee. 4. and Finalement, do not forget sunglasses. This really is effortless as far as looks go but also effortless in terms of practicality.

2. Flats: Now, in How to be Parisian: wherever you are, they stress that Parisian women really don’t wear heels that often. My verdict? I totally agree. In the four days that I was there, inclusive of nights, I saw minimal heels. Indeed, I spotted a lot of espadrilles but I also spotted a lot of mid-height heels (Au Chanel). Though these heels are often considered “old women heels,” I developed a new love and appreciation for them.

4. Art du Basic: Basic really is Parisian. Stick to plain shirts in neutrals: black, white and brown. If you are not into being neutrals; then, I would recommend a black and white striped tee. Very Parisian.

5. Minimal Makeup: Less really is more in Paris. Makeup is not often present on Parisian women. However, minimal makeup is. I would recommend lots of mascara (top and bottom lashes) for the eyes and a red lip. NO EYELINER.

6. The Scarf: all Parisian women, and I stress all Parisian women, wear scarves. It is the perfect item of clothing as it serves multiple functions. You can wrap it around your handbag strap when it is too hot and not in use; throw it into your tote; or wrap it around your neck when it is too cold. This is especially convenient in European countries as the weather seems to be bipolar.

Now, though it is fairly evident that Parisian style is solely about Art Du Basic (and perhaps thats why it often comes off as effortless); it is important to know and understand that Paris is one of the fashion capitals of the world. This means that the sky is the limit – you can wear whatever you want. Some of the most influential and affluent fashion houses/people are from Paris; and non of these houses/people were born out of being like everyone else; therefore, create your own style with these tips in mind and Be Just YOU, Be JustMoi.


JMF xx


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