Festival Fashions – Coachella is Here!

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Today marks a significant day in the interconnecting worlds of showbiz, music and of course: fashion.

Coachella. This festival, is considerably and arguably the largest of the entire year, showing off just about every single major singer, songwriter, actress and blogger. Though this  event started off just plainly and simply as a festival – it now holds both the prestige and affluent right to be more than a musical gathering; instead, it is a crossroads, for the entity we know as fashion, to be seen, heard and definitely NOT ignored. Coachella has become (rather rapidly) one of the worlds most renowned fashion events, now featuring a multitude of indiviuals who flock to the Californian desert for two weekends, to show AND exhibit their “stuff.”

Now, unfortunately, I do not have the privilege of being in Palm Springs among fashions finest due to other commitments such as exams; however, that does not mean I have not contracted some of the utterly contagious festival fever. In fact, this post isn’t just about Coachella, it is for the festivals to follow in the upcoming year, and a guide on how to approach them.

Like I said earlier, festivals and fashion have become a joint entity that individuals really can’t miss out on. However, though fashion is usually expressed as a freedom of dress, a freedom of clothes; their is, in fact, a silent dress code that floats around…

The dress code you may ask? When I think festival, I think bohemian… I think hippie. The subsequent are just some of the nouns that take over my mind when the word “festival” is uttered. However, I stress to all my readers to dress how THEY want and how a festival in itself makes YOU feel. Saying this, it may be helpful to include what I would consider some “core staples.” So, without further or do… Check below.

1. Sunnies: If you are going to be outdoors all day, hopefully in the sun, you will need a good quality pair of sunglasses. While most people opt for RayBans, especially for events such as festivals; I would rather opt for something different and per say “unique.” I am currently loving Prada sunnies at the moment. If you’re a fan of Anna Wintour, the new season of Prada will definitely give you the desired look. I would also suggest Tom Ford for a sexy or sultry look, as well as Miu Miu for an innovative approach.

2. Hat: Though I am not wearing a hat in this specific post, I am a deep lover of hats. A hat can do so much for the individual: hide your hair, change up or look, and perhaps even to add an effortless vibe to the overall product. For hats on a budget, I would suggest H&M. Otherwise, perhaps try The Kooples or Zadig et Voltaire.

3. Headpiece: A headpiece can be anything… from a basic flower crown or maybe even a chain and diamond upon your head. To try something different other than headpieces, I would recommend clip on extensions (Au Kylie Jenner) in various colors. In this look, I am wearing white clip on hair extensions from Bella Mi. Hair extensions are also available in pink, blue, and white.

4. The Crop Top: It is a given, that a crop top is a MUST HAVE for all festivals. In this particular look, I am wearing a basic black crop top under a purple luminescent top by New Look. The fact that it is a turtleneck is also totally edgy and the collar is further printed in bohemian prints, so thear small details adds to the whole stereotypical festival vibe.

5. The Shoes: Shoes are SOOO important. Traditionally boots are the GO-TO shoes for festivals, and if you live in the UK then I would definitely suggest keeping to that (due to rain, clouds, and generally unpredictable whether). However, I would also suggest checking out lace up sandals (LIKE MINE from Coast).

6. The Bag: The bag is a diverse piece and you can pretty much wear nearly any type of bag. However, I would suggest maybe a cross over bag in aid of carrying all your essentials (sun cream, polaroid, iPhone). In this particular look, I borrowed my sisters Louis Vuitton bag. It is very easy to move around in, and of course, to swing and dance without losing it. I would also suggest the BACKPACK: hip, easy-to-carry, and updated.

Now, as previously mentioned, there are really no rules to fashion; and therefore, there are really no rules to festival fashion; however, I would suggest incorporating these basics into your look to achieve that true festival vibe.

Remember to tag your festival looks on #JMF, and get the chance of being featured. @justmoifashion. (INSTAGRAM)


JMF xx


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