Paint it Purple. #womensday


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Today, is one of the most special days of the entire year. Why you may ask? Well, guys and gals… It is International Women’s Day. I feel this is a celebration. A celebration for women and men alike. Just because it is a day dedicated to women does not mean a man cant celebrate it. After all, this day is about the equality for women; and hence, equality for all. It is weird to think that just a mere 60 years ago women were unable to vote. It is even weirder to think that some countries still do not allow women to vote…

I can never begin to comprehend why women were never given (and some still not given) fundamental human rights. We all have a beating heart. We all have brains. We are all humans. So just where does the divide occur? Some of the most smart and most influential people in history have been women: Amelia Earhart, Rosa Parks, Mother Theresa, Margart Thatcher (the iron lady), Malala Yousafazai, Angela Merkel, Oprah Winfrey, Michelle Obama… The list is endless.

That is why, my blog post this week is especially dedicated to ALL women. Every woman is powerful in her own right and has the power to do amazing things. Whether you are Zambian, Somalian, Saudi Arabian, English, American, Brazilian, or Australian. We all have the power, the will, and the courage to reach great heights.

I urge each and every women to embrace your rights. I know some women are more restricted and it is not as easy as I put fourth. However, take it one step at a time, the journey may be long but the journey will take you far.

I would lastly like to emphasize that though this post is dedicated to women, every man, any soul, has the ability to do great things. And you men should really be advocating for women’s rights too. Just because you are male does not mean you cannot be a FEMINIST.

Thank you all for looking at the blog, and please tell me what you think. Happy Women’s day and always hold your heads up high.

Outfit Details:

-In spirit of Women’s day and the initiative: PAINT IT PURPLE. My whole outfit revolves around this. Just because Women’s day is a DAY does not mean it should just last one day. I know for myself that I am going to PROLONG it.

-The shirt is a mens shirt from Marks and Spencers. I chose a mens shirt because face it: women can do anything men can do.

-The scarf is Louis Vuitton. I love the splashes of PURPLE. Women’s Day ESQUE.

-The leggings are H&M, super super flattering on the figure.

-The shoes are ASOS. Shoe Haven of course. ENOUGH SAID.

-The bag is COACH. Designer yet affordable.

Love Always,

JMF xx

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