Valentines Day.

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Hello Everyone! And a Happy Early Valentines Day!

So, I guess you are all wondering around now: “Valentines Day? Already? I don’t have a boyfriend… I don’t have a date… I am single.” My answer to all your wondering and all your thoughts is… SO WHAT?

So it is Valentines Day, and probably one of the most popular days of the year. But so what? Whether you are single, in a relationship, married, or “its complicated” there is no need to stress over this day. I think its time for EVERY girl EVERY boy to embrace this day regardless of their relationship status. Valentines Day is all about love: so I urge everyone to love your family, love your friends, but most importantly love yourself. Thats why my post this month is about DRESSING for this SPECIAL day and feeling GOOD about yourself.

I know it is slightly cheesy but I feel its almost an obligation to wear pink, red, or white on Valentines Day. I know. I understand. IT IS cheesy, but there is nothing wrong with going a long with the spirit.

My outfit for Valentines Day features the following:

A pink flow-yy skirt, courtesy of This skirt is one of my favourites. I love because of their cheap, on trend fashions. If you are looking for anything, at anytime of the year, I would recommend them. I felt like I needed to wear a skirt in honour of Valentines Day. For some reason I feel Valentines’ is a feminine day, so a skirt OR dress is fitting, and definitely  in order.

The top is Jane Norman. It is actually quite an old top, stolen from my mother a long time ago. But I absolutely love it, and feel like its a timeless piece. The contrast of pink and white is also great. The two colours together work magic: offering a delicate and graceful combination.

The shoes are a present for Christmas. From nowhere else but ASOS. Like I have mentioned from time and time again, ASOS is and has always been one of my favourite destinations. I love the combination of the silver and white, making them totally practical and can be worn with almost and virtually anything.


Ring: Juicy Couture

Bracelets: Swarvoski, Hermes Clic Clac H Bracelet

Now, for my hair: I chose curls because FACE IT, curls are romantic. Like I said, it does not matter what your relationship status is, but I love the romantic look on no other day but VALENTINES. To get this look I used: GHD. To get these beautiful curls I used the GHD curl wand. Surprisingly, you can curl your hair in under 20 minutes with this tool. It heats super fast and in turn your hair is literally done in minutes. It is my new best friend.

All in all I hope everyone can see that you don’t have to look or feel beautiful on Valentines ONLY if you are in a relationship. Looking good should not be for anyone else but yourself. I wish everyone an amazing Valentines Day and I hope my outfit has served as inspiration for your day!

Love Always,

JMF xx


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