That Saturday Look.

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Hello Everyone!

I hope this post finds you well, and I hope you are all settling vibrantly into the New Year.

Where to start? It’s the weekend. I know and understand that a lot of the time the weekend is a block of two days that is most comfortably spent in your pajamas and socks the whole day (or maybe thats just me). However, I feel that I need to start embracing the weekend. I don’t know about everyone else, but school, college, university, work sometimes get tiresome, and lets be realistic, there is not always time to look tip/top all day/everyday. Because of this, I think that I need to start using the weekends, getting dressed up for myself, getting dressed up to feel good. And that is exactly what this outfit represents: something I feel good, and confident in.

Since it is after the New Year, admittedly, I am not in the best physical shape that I have ever been. The holiday seems to catch everyone off guard, putting a bit of weight on here and there; but, I feel that there is no need to stress: it cannot be that bad. A few weeks of dedication and determination will get me (and others in the same boat) back to pre-holiday shape. Correspondingly, putting on a few pounds did not stop me from rocking this Topshop high-waist miniskirt.

The miniskirt, TOPSHOP, is one of my favorite autumn/winter buys. I recently purchased this skirt while in South Africa, at the Topshop there. However, it is a chain store, and therefore it can be found probably ANYWHERE. I understand, that a lot of my readers are from the UK, or other cold destinations at this time of year, so maybe a miniskirt isn’t on top of your GOT-TO-WEAR list; however, why not pair this skirt with some thermal tights? This skirt would look absolutely divine with plain black tights, pair it with some black boots and you are totally settled for the coldest of colds.

The top is from H&M, (one of my favorite stores due to its ROCKING prices and UBER quality). It’s totally plain, but chic, therefore it can be worn with virtually anything. It may be a crop top; but, bear in mind that IT IS long sleeved and very warm (if I may say so myself). Therefore, I wouldn’t let some bad weather sway me from wearing this.

The shoes… Don’t even get me started. Obviously, it is quite evident that the heels are Christian Louboutin, due to the red soles (Heart, Heart, and DOUBLE Heart). But I also think on personal note, that Louboutin’s are on of the best shoes you can purchase. Number one, Louboutin’s are a total fashion statement. Those red soles are recognizable almost anywhere. Number two, there is a pair of Louboutin’s for everyone: funky? yes. Goth? yes. Classy? yes. You really cannot go wrong. If these shoes really aren’t your sort of thing, then I would recommend checking out heels on Asos. Again, there is a huge range of heels on this sight: YOU CANNOT GO WRONG.

The bag is Forever New, an Australian brand that I recently got to know which I LOVE. It was a Christmas present from my aunt, and I think it is the perfect little bag to take you from DAY to NIGHT. If Forever New is not available in your country, I would recommend checking out the basics: Topshop, River Island.

Accessories.. I find that Accessories are SO EASY to forget. I almost always walk out the house without adding that cute bracelet that would have matched perfectly with my blue hair, or that new leopard print belt. However, LUCKILY I actually remembered this time. The red H bracelet is Hermes (CLIC CLAC). A piece that is classic, and that can be worn with almost anything. It is timeless, and will definitely always be a permanent fixture in my life. The blue bracelet, is Swarvoski. These bracelets are SOOOO popular at the moment. I think nearly everyone I see is wearing one of them (probably because THEY ARE GORGEOUS). It is also a really easy way to accessorize your whole look through one piece. The ring is is Juicy Couture. A total bargain that I scored in an OVERALL store sale, plus discount on the actual item. IT was practically a steal, and it’s just too pretty to look at.

Next week Saturday? Who knows what it will bring? I hope everyone has found a little inspiration from this piece; however, primarily I hope that all my readers will start using their Saturday to dress up for themselves. There is nothing wrong with dressing up for YOU, with feeling GOOD.


Love Always,

JMF xx


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