Back to Black

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Hello Everyone!

First and foremost I want to start off by wishing everyone a happy new year. I love the start of the new year, because its the perfect time to reinvent, recreate, redevelop yourself. Sure, I guess you cant just REINVENT and forget about the past, because to a great extent the past makes up your present persona; however, its the perfect time to let it go (excuse the pun) and restart.

This year for me is a huge. First of all I am graduating (applause). Second of all, I am moving out, halfway across the globe, to my second home England. Though I will not be studying Fashion in university, blogging will still stay central to my being, so don’t go anywhere WATCH THIS SPACE.

Anyways, I think this look really expresses this whole REINVENT, RECREATE, REDEVELOP slogan. I am not so much reinventing myself, but redeveloping myself. That’s why I chose to start the year off with nothing else but black. A key staple in all wardrobes. I love black and I think everyone knows that. That is why I am going back to black. Because after multiple wardrobe fails… (which everyone has) … and countless mishaps… (which everyone STILL has) you can always go back to black and look chic, but most importantly put together. To add on to the whole RECREATION side, I decided to add a bit of excitement into my life (and hair) and die stands of my hair nothing else but blue (inspired by Kylie Jenner).

This look is also about that ONE piece. For me, the French Connection coat (I actually don’t know if you would classify it as a coat or not). I found it in French Connection DUBAI, as I was strolling through the mall. Note: When I say strolling, I mean on an urgent rampage to find cool clothes. What I love most about this piece though is the fact that you can literally wear it with nothing else. You can literally wear you underwear under it and no one will have a clue. To make it even better, it can be transformed easily. This means if you do decide to wear something under it, it can be transformable from DAY to NIGHT.

The boots… I think everyone needs a pair of Balenciaga boots. I admit, Balenciaga is not cheap; however, I would rather buy ONE expensive pair of boots that will last me a lifetime, then a pair that will last ONE season. However, if you are more of a BUY PER SEASON type of person then I would recommend lookalikes from Primark, Topshop, and River Island.

Now for the bag, this beautiful little purse is from Lulu Guinness, bought last minute on new years eve in a bid to find something that would match my dress. Why was I so unprepared? Because I somehow forgot all my night purses 7 hours away in Zambia (I was in Dubai). Now though, I can truly say everything happens for a reason because I have a keen infatuation for my new purse.

All in all,  I hope this post finds each and every one of my readers in high spirits. Remember that it is still the beggining of the year, and its never too late to try something new.

JustMoiFashion is about being diverse, and  beautiful in your own way. So while I am going Back to Black, don’t be afraid to go further, and NEVER look back.


JMF xx

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