Grunge and Glam

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Hello Everyone!

I hope you are all well.

Let me first start today by asking a mere question: where did the time go? It’s 5 days till Christmas, and a few more till the New Year. Again, where DID the time go? It feels like January was yesterday, the month I conjured up the idea of a fashion blog, and now its nearly a year since then.

Its been a super hectic month I must say. For everyone. Whether the person reading this is 15 or 50, we all know and understand how the stressful the end of the year is. Finals… University Decisions… Thanksgiving… Christmas Shopping… The list goes on and on.

However, this is a fashion blog. So maybe, somehow, I can relieve the stress FOR YOU. How you may ask? By spending a few moments checking out my latest blog post on 2 of my favorite things: (DRUM ROLL) Grunge, and Glam.

Maybe the thing I love most about Grunge and Glam is TOGETHER. The thing is the that Glam and Grunge are two VERY different types of styles that are completely different, but somehow they work perfectly together. I think sometimes, there is a misunderstanding with the word GRUNGE. Sure, it does to some extent mean Band Tees, and Torn Jeans but it means something more than that. Grunge is being fearless, wearing those oversized tees (in my case, borrowed from my fathers closet) and black. black. black.

Black like I have mentioned countless times before is my all time favorite color for EVERYTHING. It’s effortless, matches with EVERYTHING, it’s cool, hip, chic, and on top of all that… It’s slimming. I like many girls, love my food, so when that New Year’s party rolls on in just over a weeks time, I may have packed on a pound or two. Black, will definitely be my saviour once again.

So, what am I wearing? and how can YOU recreate it?

The Oversized Tee: My fathers, from South Africa’s WoolWorths (men section’s) where can you find it? It’s a black tee, you can find it in nearly any mens section.

The Crop Top: Topshop. Because it is a plain black crop top, the probablity that you will find it in any of the high street stores is close to 100%.

The Jeans: Tiger of Sweden. Available in Tiger of Sweden stores all over the world. South Africa, London, Europe, the Americas. If not, a basic pair of jeans will do.

The Shoes: CHANEL. I love Chanel’s shoes. A few months of saving up will buy you these. If you love a bargain, I recommend lookalikes from Topshop, or River Island.

Now for the BAG, the bag is from DUNE LONDON. I absolutely love it. It is the perfect bag for almost any look, day or night, plus DUNE LONDON can be found almost anywhere.

Accessories: The GLAM part of this look comes in with accessories. This is the GOLD SCRUNCHIE (totally hipster, and totally back in) available from Topshop, and pretty much any other high street store. The rings are all collected from different times and places. The necklace? Totally Glam, I love the glitter. This is from Accessorize.

Think you can recreate this look? I want to see IT!!! Tag #JMF on my Instagram @justmoifashion


JMF xx


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