Into the Wild.

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Hello Everyone!

I hope all is well.

So you know that feeling when you’re really lazy, don’t really feel like dressing up? Well I get that too.

This look today is dedicated to all you girls that work hard and just want something fun, casual, and easy to put on. I know looking good is hard, trust me; however, I think we make it unnecessarily hard sometimes.

The problem that so many of us face is that there is a fine line between casual and sloppy. Sloppy must be avoided at all costs. Like I said, dressing casual and looking good is something us girls seem to dramatize, when really, with a few great steps and a few great pieces, a beautiful outfit can be made.

Here are a few steps on how to achieve my look, or at least how to take on your version of casual while looking good:

1. Lace, Leather: These two materials used to be considered somewhat formal; however, nowadays, there are increasingly used as casual pieces. My advice, is take these two materials to advantage. By having a few cool pieces like a lace top, or tan leather shorts (worn in the photos) you can instantly glamorize your look, at the same time keeping it casual. Plus, putting on shorts are zero effort and super comfortable, especially for them hot days. To sum it up: DO NOT stray away from unexpected materials, leather = your best friend.

2. Skin: Hiding your stomach and legs are a thing of the past. So is hiding your underwear: this is no longer taboo. Conscientiously hiding your skin is a thing of the past, instead it now deemed a casual and carefree look. DO show skin.

3. Provide a good fashion foundation to your wardrobe:
You can do this by keeping a few classic pieces in your closet. A classic leather jacket, a well-tailored coat, or the famous jean jacket (pictured in my look) These pieces are all a MUST and a stability needed for your wardrobe.

4. Top of the Crops: May I dare say SKIN again. In my look I am wearing a crop top, which has quickly escalated to one of the most trendy pieces you MUST have. On top of that, the crop top can be UBER casual, AND comfortable.

5. UGLY shoes: Yes, you heard me. Ugly shoes IE. Birkenstocks, Crocs… used to be considered a big fashion DONT. However, these shoes have become THE most fashionable piece to own. Pictured from Prada to Chloe, these are the shoes to have. These specific ones in my photos are from RIVER ISLAND. The best thing about “ugly shoes?” Dare I say: COMFORTABLE.

Obviously, being fashionable and causal is not as hard as we make it out to be. By incorporating a few timeless pieces, you can look great and casual.

My specific look contains:

-Vintage Levi Jean Jacket (Urban Outfitters) – H&M crop top – YDE leather shorts – River Island Shoes (Selfridges) – DKNY tote –


JMF xx


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