Hello Everyone!

So today I decided to use one of my favorite prints: Leopard. I totally loved the shoot, it was such a great atmosphere and I truly enjoyed it.

The outfit was actually inspired by the Burberry A/W 14 runway show in which they featured long and marvelous coats paired with wonderful printed belts.

Now, I have had this leopard dress sitting in my cupboard for ages and I new I had to do a shoot with it soon. It has just been sitting there and I cant help but think it is such a waste if I don’t use it. Obviously, what better time to shoot this dress when the autumn trend report is featuring a multitude of prints??

I have two types of photos today. The first one is with my coat and the second one is without the coat  which showcases this beautiful dress. The dress is actually made by a South African designer branded Romeo and Juliet. South Africa has some great new emerging designers that are producing some amazing stuff. The talent is phenomenal. I really hope everyone develops a greater appreciation for African fashions, and that generally people begin to notice African fashions more.

I think my look today is a perfect example of how a day look can be transformed into a night look. In this day and age we do not have the time to always get home and dress up, therefore a look that can be worn both day and night is paramount.

Leopard is actually a great print to wear because it is so easily transformed. In this look you can see how a fancy leopard dress that can be worn to a club can be easily worn as a day look. The key is to simply accessorize with the right pieces. By adding a long coat over to this leopard dress it is instantly considered a day look, creating a sophisticated vibe; However, when a patterned belt is added to the look, it is instantly trendy while keeping the sophisticate. As you can see the leopard print of the dress is very different to the leopard print of the belt. DO NOT shy away from mixing prints. Especially if they are the same print but look different. If this look can be pulled off it comes off as totally chic.

The coat is from New York Laundry. I know that I have a lot of clothes from unknown designers and brands but I PROMISE that these coats are everywhere. They are also A MUST HAVE for the autumn season. Plus they are timeless.

If you have any questions just pop an email and I will be thrilled to answer. I would love to see how some of you incorporate your mixing of prints, especially leopard.

Stay Classy,

Always, JMF xx

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