Take A Hike – Victoria Falls


Hello Everyone! I hope you are all well.

I have to admit that I am extremely fortunate. For those who do not know I live half my time in Zambia (Africa). It is one place that is so unspoiled… beautiful forests… waterfalls… and of course there is the city too. However, the special part is the natural beauty of the place. Recently I spent a few days in one of the most famous places on Earth which I am lucky is only a couple of hours away from my house: Victoria Falls. One of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. Not only does it offer a multitude of activities and beautiful scenery, but it is officially THE best place to hike. One of the most famous trails ‘the boiling pot.’ Basically you hike a major trail down to the bottom of the falls which boils like a pot, from here you can watch the bungee jumping off the bridge that connects two countries. I love my homeland and I am pleased to share some photos of my time doing this hike.

As most girls… I try to keep a healthy physique, however I am a major sucker for the unhealthy stuff… ie chocolate and carbs. What do I do to try and keep fit? The INSANITY program by Sean T. I also run too and hike when I can. These photos feature me and my daily workout gear wearing my INSANITY “I bought it” t-shirt, Victoria Secret Yoga shorts, and my trusty Nikes. I encourage everyone to do exercise, I do not mean a crazy amount because everyone has working lives but the little you do makes a difference.

I am hoping that this article gives you some insight to the beautiful place I call home and maybe even gives you a little fitness motivation. Change your scenery or doing something fun LIKE hike… and if you EVER end up in Zambia just give me a mail and we can go hiking together 😉


JMF xx


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