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Hello Everyone!

If you have not heard of Clueless then let me tell you, you must be pretty clueless.

One of the most influential fashion movies of all time staring Cher.

There is something about Cher that is just so lovable, much so that fashionistas all around the world are still replicating her style – but now it is my turn to try the Clueless look.

Clueless features tons of blazers throughout the whole movie, perhaps the most famous blazer was the yellow plaid, in my look I take this on by featuring a blazer from – It was totally affordable and the multicolor adds a new and modern twist while keeping the whole 90’s vibe. The crop top and skirt is from – though you can purchase very similar looks at Topshop and Miss Selfridge. The heels are from – the bag is from Emporio Armani. I love Armani for sophisticated pieces that can pretty much go with any outfit. The sunglasses are Chanel.

Note: If you are going to purchase anything expensive in life, make sure you invest in a piece that you can actually use. There is no point buying something if you are never going to use it.

This is my take on Clueless, but they are a multitude of ways to wear this look.

I hope you take a little inspiration from this look and it doesn’t leave you abs Clueless. 😉

Lots of Love

-JMF xx


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