A Lesson from Gossip Girl.

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Greetings Everyone, 

I trust everyone is well.

If there is one thing that Gossip Girl has taught me it is ‘DO NOT BE AFRAID OF GLITTER.’ Admittedly I think we are all a bit scared of glitter because face it, if you wear it wrong it can either make you look like a want-to-be princess or a christmas tree: non of those options are good by the way. However, saying this, if you want to like a christmas tree it is perfectly fine with me because JustMoiFashion is all about being original and staying true to your style. So again, let me reinstate, if that is your thing then… okay.

Now, on a serious note… back to where I came from: DO NOT SHY AWAY FROM GLITTER. I think one of the greatest ways to make a statement IS to wear glitter. One, you look fabulous when you wear it. Two, I do not know about you but I feel regal when I wear it. and Three, if Gossip Girl does it then it MUST be cool. There is no reason not to wear glitter. Whether you are just accessorizing with glitter or literally your whole outfit is glitter you can make it work.

My look features the kind of WHOLE PACKAGE glitter look. I mean sequins…diamonds…GLITTER… everywhere. The main color scheme is brown which works wonders with glitter. I think it looks understated, classy, but totally fab.

My favorite aspect about the look is my camisole. It is funny how one small thing can make an outfit. I recently got this camisole in Dubai at Massimo Dutti. Massimo Dutti is a Spanish Brand found pretty much everywhere. I normally shop at the London boutique on Oxford Street but nevertheless they offer the exact same things… The top is pretty much a plain black top with glitter which was stolen by me from my mothers closet, the skirt is from YDE a South African shop which offers young and upcoming designers clothing. It may not be accessible everywhere but you can get very similar skirts at Topshop, River Island, and MIss Selfridge. The Shoes are actually from a Chinese store in Greece. They were a total bargain for something like 5 Euro with no exaggeration. For TOTAL deals I would visit your most accessible China Town: You can find totally unique clothes to make any outfit. The barrette is from Accessorize, amazing for ACCESSORIES of course. The handbag is a coconut. A real coconut made into a bag. I bought it in Mozambique at the side of the beach. One of the best things about Africa is the amazing crafts that are made. You can expand your wardrobe with one of a kind pieces people have never seen for less than a dollar.

You can pretty much replicate this look by using any of the high street clothes. I threw my unique twist by adding the Blair Gossip Girl Barrette, I challenge you to throw your own unique twist in too.

This outfit goes to show that one item of clothing can make a major difference. You never know what piece of clothing is going to make THAT look. Whether its stolen from your mothers closet or bought from China Town it is totally unique.

I hope this little post gets you buying some glitter.

Much Love,



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