Defying Expectations.

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Hello Everyone!

Out of all things in life the thing I hate most is mediocrity. Yes, when I say mediocrity I mean “the quality or state of being mediocre” or just OK. I hate to meet peoples expectations, I think that is entirely boring, so instead I strive to defy that expectation. Admittedly what someone loves in an outfit some might hate, but life is way too short to just be average and please everyone. That is why todays outfit is completely UNmediocre, or at least I hope it is.

I bought this amazing matching crop top and skirt at H&M. Honestly, if I did not know the label I would think it is a work by some major designer label. I love it because it is so classy, white is nearly always exudes classy and thats why it is great. But what is better is the fact that you can accessorize this duo with nearly any shoes and nearly any handbag. I chose to make this look quite monochrome but it does not have to be just black and white. I also wore this look with a black top hat. I actually got this top hat a few New Year’s backs… and now I use it to accessorize my looks. I encourage everyone to start wearing hats.

The other brands featuring in my looks are the Asos heels with a gold band. Asos as always offers a wide variety of heels at generous costs and quality, so I definitley recommend checking their shoes out if you have not already.

Message me here if you have any questions or tell me what you think on my Instagram or Facebook @justmoifashion.

I hope to see all of you expressing yourself way above the mediocrity line.

-JMF xx


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